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ShapeShell FreeForm at RMIT University | ShapeShell

  • Use

    Exterior Cladding
  • Applications

    Residential, corporate, retail
  • Characteristics

    Strength, durability, span, easy maintenance, simple repair, impact resistant, dimensionally stable, fire retardant
  • Presentation / packaging

    Variable shapes
  • Guarantee

    A comprehensive warranty is provided for the full ShapeShellTM range. The substrate is guaranteed for 50 years and up to 25 years for the surface finish including gloss retention.

More about this product

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University mostly known as RMIT University is an urban campus. Founded in 1887, its evolution and growth have involved the construction of new buildings and the acquisition of existing ones throughout the urban center of Melbourne.


The main goal of recent renovations were to both preserve and at the same time update the original architecture of its historic buildings. Part of it was an extensive renovation of Storey Hall which was designed to be based on Penrose tiles, on the exterior and interior. In addition, RMIT commissioned the architects ARM to also renovate the building next door and to join it to Storey Hall. ShapeShell is used on commercial high rises where maintenance is infrequent and must be made as simple as possible.

ShapeShell FreeForm at RMIT University


ARM constructed a penthouse on top of the building and covered it with the GFRP skin. This Penrose Façade is often referred to as “The Green Brain” inspiring the students below to think outside of the norm. With no repetition of geometry anywhere in the façade this is ShapeShell Freeform at its best. Computer cut accuracy allowed complete unitisation of the façade off-site making installation quick and simple.

ShapeShell FreeForm at RMIT University

ShapeShell’s monocoque infused construction method creates a single unit with reinforcement as part of the base structure, not added on. This combination of light weight structure and stiffness outperforms most other materials including steel, aluminium, timber and cement when used in the same application. It is a non-reactive, non-conductive building material and as such will not react to other materials (coatings and fasteners etc).

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