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Ceiling Lights - BIG | Vibia

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  • Use

  • Applications

    Residencial, hotels and restaurants, offices
  • Characteristics

    Designed by Lievore, Altherr, Molina; direct, diffuse and uniform light distribution; its large size makes it ideal for lighting large spaces from a single point; ceiling and pendant version available
  • Format

    Ceiling, pendant lamp
  • Colors

    White matte lacquer, Chrome
  • Sizes

    Diameter of 100 or 120 centimeters
  • Certification

    IP20, CE
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More about this product

Vibia International presents its ceiling light BIG: “Natural light” on a grand scale.

The bowl of this light fitting, with a diameter of 100 or 120 centimeters, make it an exceptional design of unique strength, able to be noticed and become a first-class practical and decorative feature. BIG, a design by Lievore, Altherr, and Molina, is enormous in terms of both size and innovation, revolutionizing the traditional concept of a ceiling light which up to now has been practical but often small and unambitious. BIG exceeds all expectations: it is a light fitting which provides a pleasant atmosphere in general, acting like a real skylight.

It is the minimal expression of a light fitting – its acrylic diffuser takes up virtually all its diameter – while at the same time providing an exceptional “natural light”. This is an up to the minute model, able to fit into settings that are contemporary in style, ideal for particularly high ceilings.

It is also a design feature, one which adds to any décor. Moreover, if it is fitted to a dark ceiling the impression of a skylight is heightened as the light's structure disappears and only its exquisite “natural light” can be seen.

There is also a pendant version of BIG to design a real designer solution for those interior decorating projects where the light fitting needs to be brought lower down. This version also allows the lamp to be angled as required.

A sequence of a line of these fittings at different angles provides large amounts of concentrated light just where it is needed together with a very special interplay of shapes.


Both versions, ceiling, and pendant, can be combined perfectly well in any installation to give general or more focused light as desired.


  • Shade: Methacrylate diffuser.
  • Materials: Steel (ring), Methacrylate (shade).
  • Efficiency: 58.86%

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