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Coatings - Etalbond A2 | Elval Colour

  • Use

  • Applications

    Skyscrapers, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping malls, Airports and train stations and Kindergartens.
  • Characteristics

    Weather proof and easy to clean due to the high quality of materials used in its manufacturing, Easy to handle on site with pre-fabricated panels, shorter construction times and cost reduction, Produces no toxic gases in case of fire.

More about this product

The need for innovative and sustainable materials is greater than ever before, in order to realize the creative visions of architects and designers. Contemporary buildings not only have to comply with the highest design standards, but also have to meet the latest technical requirements in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency, noise protection, fire protection, etc.
Thanks to its mineral-filled core, etalbond® A2 by Elval Colour is non-flammable and meets the strictest demands of fire regulations. etalbond® A2 works ideally everywhere fire protection is necessary: High-rise buildings, buildings with high visitation/occupancy, such as airports, metro stations, shopping malls, hotels, and buildings of high sensitivity, such us schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and elderly care centers to name a few.
etalbond® A2 is a construction material, which allows the freedom of design in combination with superior technological features. Attractive and flexible it is easily installed and formed and is available in a wide array of highly durable and custom-made coatings, providing architects and designers with numerous possibilities for materializing their ideas.



Fire behaviour etalbond® A2 composite panels are non-flammable and do not actively contribute to combustion. During the life cycle of etalbond® A2, there are no emissions of environmentally hazardous substances and there is no production of toxic fumes in the case of fire.

etalbond® A2 is classified as A2 for incombustibility, s1 lowest possible smoke emission and d0 for no droplets when the panel is exposed to fire according to the most stringent European Norm EN 13501-1.

Composition of etalbond® A2



  • Lightweight combined with flexural strength and absolute flatness
  • Simple and fast to process and fabricate - can be easily folded and bent with the use of simple tools.
  • Formable in the most intricate 2-D and 3-D shapes.
  • Easy to handle on site with pre-fabricated panels, shorter construction times and cost reduction.
  • Weather proof and easy to clean due to the high quality of materials used in its manufacturing.
  • Noise and vibration-absorption - no extra sound-damping needed
  • Ideal for back ventilated facades.
  • Large variety of colours and custom made shades available – unlimited design options.
  • Produces no toxic gases in case of fire.
  • Produced with Cr-free and Lead Free materials in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Fully Recyclable, environmentally friendly - scrap can be recycled for the production of new material.


Solid Colours

From vibrant colours to conservative shades, solid colours create a unified appearance without the need of special effects. The whole range of RAL and Pantone at your disposal. Gloss: from 5% to 80+%.

Premium Metallic and Dual/Prismatic

Changing light conditions and perspectives give these elegant colours a glowing, vivid appearance. Gloss: from 5% to 80+%.


The elements of nature and their textures, inspired the Ceramic/TX line which creates a special structured effect. A specially developed coating enables aluminium to be used as a substitute for ceramic or stone material.
The Ceramic/TX line offers the lower construction weight of the coil coated aluminium and tailor made natural looking finishes. Gloss: <10%.

Special Imitations

Corten (Oxidised Steel), Paginated Copper, Marble, Granite and Wood Imitations. Our technology and know-how allows us to match the aesthetic appeal of natural materials with the texture which is identical to the real thing.

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