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Pendant Lights - Wireflow | Vibia North America

  • Use

  • Applications

    Residential, hotels and restaurants
  • Characteristics

    Light structure formed by black electrical wire and 3W LED terminals, weightless design
  • Colors

    Black matte lacquer

More about this product

Vibia's Wireflow is a pendant light fixture that reinterprets and gives a completely new twist to the aesthetics of classical chandeliers. The light structure is formed by black electrical wire and 3W LED terminals but is enhanced and transformed into the fundamental feature that distinguishes this unique collection. This simplifying process attains impressive physical presence that Wireflow creates, without losing its weightless, ethereal consistence.

Pendant Light System Wireflow I Vibia

Wireflows’s electrical wire draws geometrical shapes in two or three-dimensions that, in spite of their large size, allow a see-through effect providing the light fixture with its captivating graphic essence. According to Levy, Wireflow combines “presence and absence, transparency and luminosity, light and fluidity”.

Architects and interior designers can experiment with endless configurations on the online platform, where they are also given the chance to visualize simulations of this collection in space.

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