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Exterior Roller Shades - Automated | Hunter Douglas Architectural

  • Use

    Exterior shades
  • Applications

    Commercial, Institutional, Healthcare, Educational, Cultural, Residential, Corporate
  • Characteristics

    Full motorization and automation available, headrail to protect the fabric (and motor) in the raised position, heavy-duty headboxes, guide wires, weather-rated fabrics, glare control and thermal gain, customizable shapes, colors and fabrics

More about this product

For maximum management of sunlight, Hunter Douglas Architectural engineering and consulting teams specify exterior roller shades. Exterior shades intercept glare and solar heat gain before they enter a space, significantly improving overall performance. These commercial-grade exterior roller shades use high performing fabrics and heavy-duty headboxes, hembars, and guide wires engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions. Designed specifically for exterior applications.


  • Headbox: To protect the motor and the fabric in the raised position
  • Roller tube: Runs in bearings which are mounted onto the end caps of the headrail, incorporating the motor and onto which the fabric shade is attached.
  • Fabric Shade panel: Exterior fabrics that are durable and weather resistant
  • Hembar (bottom rail)
  • Side guides: Manufactured from perlon or PVC coated stainless steel, or alternatively from extruded aluminum.
  • Brackets: To fix both the headrail and the side guides to the façade

For additional information regarding available colors, please click here to view Hunter Douglas Exterior Roller Shade Fabric Selector.

Design Options

  • Hunter Douglas Architectural Motorized Exterior Roller Shades: Offer full motorization and automation for raising, lowering, and adjusting the shade. They can be controlled by switch or automated control system. The high-performance exterior fabrics remain colorfast, resist damage from water and heat, remain dimensionally stable, and are resistant to rot.
    • Attractive headrail to protect the fabric (and motor) in the raised position
    • Durable roller tube incorporating the motor
    • Heavy-duty brackets, bottom rail, and side guides engineered to withstand adverse environmental conditions
  • Hunter Douglas Architectural Custom Exterior Roller Shades: From motorized folding screens to sliding shutters to very large louvered blinds with custom slat sizes and profiles, the engineering team collaborates with architects and designers to develop innovative and highly customized external shading solutions to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of any project. Custom exterior roller shades offer:
    • Full motorization and automation for raising, lowering and adjusting the shade, enabling an active shading solution for sun facing elevations
    • A wide variety of fabric colors, openness factors, and options to customize the aesthetics and performance of the shade
    • Heavy duty operating mechanisms including brackets, bottom rail and side guides engineered to withstand adverse environmental conditions

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