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Formwork for Ventilated Monolithic Foundations - MODULO | Geoplast

  • Use

    Monolithic Foundations
  • Applications

    Residential, Large and Industrial Buildings, Prefabricated Buildings
  • Characteristics

    Disposable formwork for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces which physically separate the building from the ground. When properly ventilated, crawl spaces allow the elimination of rising damp and Radon Gas mitigation. Single pour of beams and floor. Time-saving in comparison to a traditional formwork.

More about this product

MODULO by Geoplast is a single-use formwork that eliminates rising damp and vapor intrusion, that naturally exists in the soil in most parts of the world. MODULO allows the construction of a reinforced concrete structure provided with a slab and a series of pillars placed at a fixed distance. Such a structure permits a uniform stress distribution all over the surface, thus producing an excellent static and dynamic load-bearing capacity.

Vapor intrusion is the accumulation of subsoil vapors in occupied areas of buildings. The consequences of vapor intrusion can be:

  • Short term safety hazards (explosions).
  • Acute health effects (typical overexposure symptoms).
  • Aesthetic problems (odors).
  • hronic health effects due to long-term exposure to low level vapor concentrations


Stackable Unmatched logistical advantages when transporting and storing. At a height of 50 cm, conventional filling requires 50 trucks of filling in comparison to only 1 truck of MODULO.
Light By far it is the lightest filling solution; the total weight of the cross section is approximately equal to the thickness of the upper slab.
High load bearing Countless pillars, arches and domes create the highest load bearing structure.
Void space The void space created under MODULO allows an easy installation of electrical as well as mechanical systems. The void space is also perfect for ventilating damp and RADON GAS away from the building.
Fast When compared with traditional systems, it guarantees a faster installation up to the 80% (in respect to the use of the traditional inert materials).
Savings MODULO system allows savings compared to the use of traditional inert materials, especially in terms of transport and installation


Residential Buildings Foundations

The use of MODULO by Geoplast in residential buildings protects the house from Radon gas and allows to create at the same time, crawl spaces in the foundations. These adequately ventilated spaces will help eliminate rising damp and Radon gas, which naturally accumulate under the building, by dispersing them in the external environment. The so created cavity can be also used for the passage of pipes and wire plants.

Large Buildings Foundations

The need to eliminate the problem of Radon gas is even bigger in crowded buildings, such as hospitals, shopping centres, train stations or airports. MODULO system can be used in such large buildings to create ventilated foundations in a very short casting time. The so created cavity can be furtherly used for pipes and industrial wire plants. Moreover, these ventilated foundations eliminate structural failures and cracks due to the settling of the building.

Industrial Buildings Foundations

Buildings intended for commercial and industrial use must be able to support heavy loads acoording to the activities they host. The creation of strong ribbed foundation slabs, which guarantee high resistance to heavy loads (both static and dynamic) can be reached by implementing MODULO system. The crawl space will also allow the creation of technical rooms for underground utilities, simplifying and eliminating exposed wire plants.

Prefabricated Buildings

Suited for the creation of low cost prefabricated houses, MODULO as a simple and quick system, works with fast construction methods improving the quality of life by separating the floor from the ground (eliminating moisture) and at the same time saving concrete while ensuring high load resistance. Even in new wooden built buildings, which need an improvement in thermal insulation, MODULO by Geoplast can be the solution since it completely insulates the house.

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