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Formwork for Ventilated Floors - NEW ELEVETOR | Geoplast

  • Use

    Exterior Floors
  • Applications

    Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Public Spaces
  • Characteristics

    Made of recycled polypropylene for the creation of tanks or crawl spaces in the foundations. Composed of a support base that guarantees the tubes verticality and an easy and fast placing formwork which should be wedged in the tubes upper part allowing the reduction of concrete consumption. Patented grid to guarantee the verticality of the tubes made of PVC. Dry walkability and it can be inspected. A high load-bearing capacity of the structure.
  • Sizes

    58×58 cm - 58x58x15 cm

More about this product

The NEW ELEVETOR by Geoplast solves all the problems related to the realization of sloping surfaces due to its modularity and variable heights.

Gradual gradients can be made quickly besides saving materials such as sand, gravel or concrete by using several rows of formworks joined to pipes of different heights without altering the drivability of the surface.

This kind of system is ideal for interventions related to underground structures which require access driveaways.


  • Maximum ventilation of the roots.
  • No deformation of the road surface.
  • No deformation of sport surfaces near trees.
  • No compression on the roots.
  • Variable heights.
  • Modular.
  • Quck and easy to install.
  • Drivable.

The root growth of trees near the roads often causes liftings of the asphalt, thus deforming and damaging the road surface.

NEW ELEVETOR creates protection spaces below the street level where the roots can grow freely, besides helping the life of the trees and the road’s functionality. The ground around the roots of the plant is freed from the compression that vehicles and people cause on them with their weight.

NEW ELEVETOR by Geoplast is particularly suitable for trees and shrubs near sport surfaces (basket, tennis, volley and soccer courts) which must remain necessarily flat.

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