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Plastic Formwork for Round Columns - GEOTUB | Geoplast
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  4. Plastic Formwork for Round Columns - GEOTUB

Plastic Formwork for Round Columns - GEOTUB | Geoplast

  • Use

    Formwork, Round Columns
  • Applications

    Commercial, Healthcare, Educational and Industrial Buildings
  • Characteristics

    Reusable formwork in plastic for the production of round columns: unlike other formwork (in wood or cardboard), it is easy and quick to dismantle and it does not require any releasing agent. Quick installation and dismantling. Suitable for columns up to 6 m. Excellent smooth surfaces. High resistance (80 kN/m2) and duration of the panels.

Supplementary Files

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More about this product

GEOTUB by Geoplast is the first formwork in technopolymer for the construction of round and oval columns; it is a complete system for the production of columns, both for residential and industrial use. Extremely light and modular, GEOTUB is a new idea of reusable formwork, easy to store and cleanable just with water.

GEOTUB is the first reusable plastic formwork for the construction of round columns. It allows a fast and easy dismantling without using releasing agents. The panels are very light, they can be handled and installed by a single person. Properly assembled and dismantled, and cleaned just with water, the product can be reused more than 100 times.


Light Weighting max 10 kg, GEOTUB can be handled quickly on site without having to use cranes or other mechanical lifting devices
Fast Light and easy to assemble, it can be installed and handled by a single person
Modular All elements are 600 mm long and only the elements necessary for the pour are used
Reusable GEOTUB is cost effective as it can be reused more than 100 times when properly used and mantained
Dismantling Concrete dos not stick to plastic: dismantling is extremely easy, the forms can be cleansed using just a little water, avoiding any need of detergents
Storage GEOTUB can be safely and conveniently stored even in damp places


  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: ABS
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0,05 mm/m/°C
  • Minimum diameter: 250 mm
  • Maximum diameter: 1000 mm
  • Height: 600 mm (actual size 605 mm)


Column Construction on Submerged Conditions

Like all Geoplast formwork systems, GEOTUB is particularly suited to form columns when working in presence of water, which can make the work difficult and complex. In this case GEOTUB is the only possible solution, since it is made of ABS: in fact this material, compared to cardboard and steel, does not suffer from degradation due to natural weathering. It can be used in both river and marine environment.

Renovation of Deteriorated Columns

In the case of deteriorated concrete and exposed rebar it is necessary to repair the columns restoring an adequate concrete cover. GEOTUB formwork system is ideally suited for this kind of repair job as it is installed around the existing columns (unlike carboard tubes which are hindered by the presence of any structure above the columns). Its lightweight makes it much easier to use than heavy metal forms.

Seismic Hazard Adjustments

The size of the columns should be adjusted, extending their cross section, to prevent the hazard of earthquakes. GEOTUB modular formwork are easy to handle manually and they allow to work even in narrow spaces, where steel formwork, too heavy and non-dismantlable, can not be used. Moreover, the handles allow a lateral installation, thus avoiding to insert the formwork from the top, as with cardboard ones.

Precast Columns

GEOTUB system is highly competitive not just for the construction of in-situ poured columns, but also for the creation of precast columns which can be assembled later. ABS formwork are ideal for the mass production of serial columns as it is very strong and it produce a very smooth concrete finish. Additionally it can be reused over than 100 times.

Foundations for Electricity Pylons

GEOTUB by Geoplast is particularly suited for the construction of new foundations for electricity pylons: this kind of construction site consists of relatively small jobs, often in remote or scarcely accessible locations. Its modularity and the possibility of a lateral installation through side handles is fundamental due to the characteristics of the worksite, which do not allow the insertion of the formwork from the top.

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