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Alpolic Pannels used in Butler Tech Bioscience Center | ALPOLIC

  • Use

    Exterior coating
  • Applications

    Educational buildings. Public Buildings.
  • Characteristics

    Double coating product in a health technology center

More about this product

Project: Butler Tech Bioscience Center.
Location: West Chester, OH.
Architect: McGill Smith Punshon Inc, Cincinnati.
Distributor: Brock Associates LLC, Pittsburgh.
Fabricator: Composite Panels Innovations (CPI), Pittsburgh.
Installer: Valley Interior Systems, Cincinnati.
Product: ALPOLIC® fr/BBR Red/two-coated 4MM.
Coating: FEVE.

The Butler Tech Bioscience Center is home to a blended learning and mastery program in the cross-section area of business and healthcare. Its programs offer high school juniors and seniors, as well as adults, certificates in biomedical sciences, dental assisting, exercise science, pharmacy tech and other areas of study. The center is a nearly constant hub of activity, hosting secondary classes during the day and adult learning at night. It currently houses nearly 32,000 square feet of classroom and laboratory space with plans to add an additional 18,000 square feet during its next phase of construction.

What began as an unassuming black building during the initial stage of its construction became the talk of the town once bold red aluminum composite panels were added to the exterior. Accentuated with glass and brick, the new Butler Tech Bioscience Center is a striking presence where instructors and students are now preparing to usher in the future of technical education.

A facility made with such a forward-looking mission clearly required a bold look. “Butler Tech wanted a high-impact color to complement its black and gold color scheme,” said Craig Rambo, lead architect on the project. His company, McGill Smith Punshon, Inc., one of the oldest firms in the greater Cincinnati area and one of the top 25 firms in the state, turned to ALPOLIC® Materials to achieve a visual design that provides modern lines and a cutting-edge feel.

ALPOLIC® provided samples of stock color BBR, a vibrant, double-coated red finished with Valspar’s Lumiflon FEVE coating. This coating was chosen for its outstanding color consistency and high gloss. The coating also offers extreme resistance to the elements and is designed to work with graffiti-removing solvents.

“We looked at other colors but just kept coming back to red,” said Rambo. “We know ALPOLIC is a great product. We love the dynamic look and the way the ACM material allows us to bend and shape it to form the characteristic slopes and angles that make this building so interesting.”

The red composite panels were affixed to a black metal rain-screen system—chosen for its durability and its suitability for unusual, sloping shapes. The rain-screen system contributes to the building’s sleek, modern looks, while also ensuring that it will withstand unpredictable Midwestern weather.

Rambo says an additional benefit from the bold color and angular design is increased visitors to the center. “People stop by to see it and get a closer look at the building. It’s created a buzz surrounding the center, and it’s definitely gotten Butler Tech attention for its new campus.”

The Bioscience Center was created to house innovative education programs that will have a positive impact on the future of technology and healthcare. Thanks to ALPOLIC®, its facilities are as modern as its mission.

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