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Interior Glass | Vitro®

  • Use

    Glass partitions, furniture and decoration
  • Applications

    Partitions, doors, balustrades, bath enclosures, security glazing, wall coverings
  • Characteristics

    Transparent, tinted and special glass, from highly light transmissive to very low-light transmissive (privacy glass)
  • Certification

    Cradle to Cradle Certified™

More about this product

As interior designers face more demand for natural light in offices, building cores, conference rooms and other interior spaces, naturally inspired glass is the natural step forward. Vitro Architectural Glass offers a wide range of highly transparent, clear and tinted glasses ideal for interior applications, from doors to display cases to bath and shower enclosures. Vitro Glass has partnered with a select group of partners to provide a broad product selection and resources for all glass-related interior designs and ideas:

Transparent Glass

  • Starphire® Ultra-Clear™ Glass, a highly transparent glass with jewel-like aesthetic whose clarity intensifies over time, because of its low-iron formulation.
  • Clarvista™ glass with a factory-fused anti-corrosive coating that protects the clarity of glass against dullness caused over time by exposure to heat and humidity.

Tinted Glass

  • Blue and Green Tinted Glass collection
  • Gray and Bronze Tinted Glasses

Specialty Glass Design Options
A wide variety of interior glasses are available through Vitro Architectural Glass alliance partners:

  • Acid-etched glass products, typically used for dividing walls, wall coverings, office partitions, shower and bath enclosures, doors, display shelving and other interior applications.
  • OPACI-COAT 300® coated glasses from ICD High Performance Coatings can be specified to match any color on any color chip, no matter how bright or vivid.

Vitro Architectural Glass also offers the Interior Glass Design Kit, a new interior glass design sample kit to highlight the depth and breadth of its clear glass to make evaluating interior glass possibilities easier for interior designers. Learn more about these glass types and tools in

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