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Decoration Glass | Vitro®

  • Use

    Interior and exterior
  • Applications

    Partitions, shelves, doors, tables, railings, etc.
  • Characteristics

    Four ranges of glasses, each one of them with different colors and thicknesses, versatile solutions, Pavia® can become a safety product by the process of tempering or laminating.
  • Sizes

    Wide variety of thicknesses according to glass

More about this product

Vitro has five families of architectural glass, which includes a wide variety of products that meet specific needs, such as color, security, double glazing, solar control and decoration.


The trends of contemporary architecture demand products that in addition to providing comfort, provide innovative effects to create unique environments, both indoors and outdoors. To meet these requirements, Vitro presents four ranges of decoration glass.


Pavia® glass is obtained through an acid treatment which is applied to one or both of its faces, resulting in a smooth, translucent surface with a certain degree of opacity. The application of the acid in Pavia® glass can be uniform or based on a desired design, which gives the possibility of having different models:

  • Pavia® Clear / color
  • Pavia® Dual
  • Pavia® Ventus
  • Pavia® Ventus inverted
  • Pavia® Rain
  • Pavia® Mesh
  • Pavia® Chess

Pavia® glass is manufactured to obtain products in thicknesses ranging from 3 mm to 12 mm and is available in the following colors:


Pavia® can also become a safety product by tempering or laminating.

Kolore ™

Kolore ™ is Vitro's new decorative glass made with various colors of paint. Because of its bright and opaque appearance at the same time, it is an ideal and versatile solution to harmonize with the different current tendencies of interior design.

Kolore ™ can be laminated, sandblasted and/or engraved. In addition, it is possible to apply it on already tempered glass if necessary. It is available in various thicknesses ranging from 3.00 to 6.00 mm.

Available colors*: White, black, chocolate, yellow and red.

*The colors mentioned are those considered as standard. Kolore ™ can be produced in any color upon request.

Vitrospan® Absolute

Vitrospan® absolute is a tempered or semi-tempered glass, to which a layer of ceramic paint has been integrated in different colors.

It consists of the application of ceramic paint by means of rollers or screen-printing to one of the glass surfaces, producing a layer of uniform color. The range of colors includes shades that harmonize with different types of color and reflective crystals, as well as contrasting tones.

Vitrospan® Grafik

Vitrospan® grafik is a tempered or semi-tempered glass, to which a layer of ceramic paint has been integrated in different designs. It consists of the application of ceramic painting by means of screen printing in various patterns of decoration.

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