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Starphire® Glass - Exterior  | Vitro®

  • Use

  • Applications

    Curtain walls
  • Characteristics

    Ultra-clear glass, high clarity, distortion-free color transmission, visible light transmission (VLT) 7 percent higher than conventional glass, absence of greenish hue.
  • Sizes

    Available in thicknesses from 2.5mm to 19mm

More about this product

Vitro Glass's ultra-transparent Starphire® glass is an unprecedented choice for curtain wall applications with high-clarity exterior views compared to conventional glass.

Walls with spider hardware and domes

Starphire® glass offers optimized transparency and distortion-free color transmission with 7 percent higher visible light transmission (VLT) than conventional glass in dome or wall applications with spider hardware.

Starphire® glass is ideal for incorporating aesthetics and exterior brightness into corporate buildings, art galleries or convention centers, or in shopping centers.

Transmission of light

To maximize the transmission of visible light (VLT) and allow a clear view of the exterior, Starphire® glass brings great luminosity, clarity and color fidelity.

For glazing where better energy efficiency is required, Starphire® glass can be combined with other glass coatings to meet energy needs while maintaining its unique transparency characteristics without the greenish hue inherent in conventional clear float glass.

To improve visible light transmission, combine Starphire® ultra-clear glass with low-emissivity coatings and solar control, such as Vitro's Solarban® 70XL, Solarban® 60 or Solarban® 67 glass. To increase the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), combine the ultra-transparent Starphire® glass with passive system coatings and solar control, such as the Solarban R100 or Solarban z75 / z50 glasses.

Spandrel glass

The outstanding transparency and lack of greenish shades of Vitro's Starphire® glass combine to provide color fidelity for well-defined white, red and yellow colors.

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