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Starphire® Glass - Interior | Vitro®

  • Use

  • Applications

    Partitions, bathroom enclosures, safety glasses, showcases, table covers, dashboards, doors, fixed panels, decorative panels, skylights, etc.
  • Characteristics

    Ultra clear glass, clearer and brighter interior views, high brightness levels, color fidelity, it doesn't lose crystal transparency in greater thicknesses, blue border.
  • Sizes

    Available in thicknesses from 2.5 mm to 19 mm

More about this product

For clearer and brighter interior views, Vitro Glass offers the ultra-clear Starphire® glass. The exclusive features of Starphire® glass bring more natural light to interior spaces, offering high levels of brightness, color fidelity, transparency and aesthetics.


In partitions, showcases, table covers, dashboards, doors, fixed panels, decorative panels, skylights and dividing panels, Vitro Glass's ultra clear glass offers maximum color fidelity without losing its crystalline transparency in larger thicknesses with an exclusive blue border.

The railings and handrails of the ultra-transparent Starphire® glass allow a total view towards the interior thanks to its high transparency. Starphire® interior glass is ideal for use with frosted glass for its high transparency and color fidelity, and can be used to create fabulous dividing walls, wall coverings, office partition walls, shower enclosures and tubs, doors and shelves, among other interior applications.

In addition to its clarity, the blue edge of Starphire® glass has an advantage that distinguishes it from conventional glass: it does not present the greenish distortion typical of other glasses that is accentuated as the thickness increases.

Sizes and colors



To see how Vitro's Starphire® Ultra-Clear glass maintains edge clarity and aesthetic as the glass gets thicker and longer, download the edge color guide attached.


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