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Grey and Bronze - Performance Tinted Glass | Vitro®

  • Use

    Solar control
  • Applications

    Commercial and corporate
  • Characteristics

    High-performance glass, advanced solar control, energy efficiency, warm and neutral aesthetic

More about this product

Vitro's tinted glasses combine a warm, neutral aesthetic with advanced solar control.

Ultra-Neutral Optigray® Glass

Optigray® glass, the newest addition to Vitro Architectural Glass’s collection of neutral tinted glasses, is designed to eliminate the green cast typically found in conventional clear glass formulations. It produces a warm and ultra-neutral aesthetic.

Specially formulated to function as a substrate with solar control low-e coatings, Optigray® glass delivers advanced solar performance when paired with solar control low-e glasses, such as Solarban® 70XL, Solarban® 67, Solarban® 60 and Solarban® R100 glasses by Vitro Glass. Optigray® glass produces light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratios of up to 1.96, with visible light transmission (VLT) between 29 percent and 50 percent, depending on which Solarban® glass is specified.

With a subtle light-gray tint, Optigray® glass balances light transmittance and solar control to offer superior performance combined with a beautiful aesthetic.

Solargray® Glass, commercial window tint without film

Solargray® glass is ideal for commercial structures because of its cool, light-gray appearance and ability to control solar heat gain and glare. In a 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solargray® glass provides visual light transmittance (VLT) of 40 percent. Solargray® glass may also be combined with Sungate® 400 glass in a 1-inch IGU for improved solar heat gain performance and lower U-values. Solargray® glass’s light-gray color makes it an attractive choice in combination with almost any other exterior cladding material.

Graylite® II Glass, privacy glass

With its bold, almost-black look, Graylite® II glass is the solution for applications requiring reduced solar heat gain and a specific aesthetic objective. Graylite® II glass combines superior heat-load reduction and solar control with a distinctive color contrast. Its shading coefficient is among the lowest of any uncoated glass: 0.35 for a 1-inch IGU. Daylight transmittance is 8 percent, making it ideal for glare control and privacy glazing.

Solarbronze® Glass, a proven high-performance bronze glass

Solarbronze® glass has been a staple in architectural glass being offered since the 1960s because it creates a bold visual statement while maintaining energy efficiency and occupant comfort. An ideal choice for commercial structures, Solarbronze® glass has a warm bronze tint that especially complements with brick and stone facades.

In a 1-inch IGU, Solarbronze® glass provides a visual light transmittance (VLT) of 47 percent. For even better performance, combine Solarbronze® glass with Sungate® 400 glass in a 1-inch IGU to improve solar heat gain performance and lower U-values.

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