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Floor Tiles in a Minimalist Villa in Antwerp | Mosa

  • Use

    Interior and exterior
  • Applications

    Wall, floor, terrace
  • Characteristics

    Tiles used to connect interior and exterior spaces, sleek and minimalist project, one square metre-size tiles were used inside and outside

More about this product

Mosa tiles have been used in this project in the green border of Antwerp to connect interior and exterior spaces. ‘The interior and exterior are closely interrelated,’ explains the interior architect at CONIX RDBM Architects. With a tile measuring one square metre, Mosa contributed to this total effect. The real eye-catcher in the design is a swimming pool with moving floor that has been integrated with the patio.


The large glass windows in the kitchen and the living room create the effect of the interior seemingly flowing into the patio creating a spatial effect. The home had to be sleek and minimalist and the owners wanted this architectural element to be integrated throughout the interior. At the same time, the complete look had to create a warm, inviting feel.

Contrasts of light and dark were used extensively throughout the design. The kitchen is white and the cupboards a dark pin oak veneer. A dark tile was needed for the kitchen, bathrooms, and the patio that would match the colour palette and didn't come across as too clean. This tile also had to measure at least one by one metres. Ultragres Terra Maestricht by Mosa is available in one square metre-size and its look and colour perfectly matched the requirements.


The ultimate eye-catcher, however, is the swimming pool with moving floor. The bottom of the pool is laid with the same Terra Maestricht tile that is used in the kitchen and on the patio. The height of the floor of the pool can be adjusted. If you raise the floor completely, it is at the same height as the rest of the patio and the pool is no longer visible. You can secure the pool at any height, so you could even create a shallow pool that looks like a pond.

This project was quite a challenge for the architect and for Mosa, especially to get the alignment exactly right. The swimming pool also has tiled steps that sink away step by step with the floor of the swimming pool. As shown through this project, Mosa's floor tiles are a flexible solution that can be used for different spaces and that is why CONIX RDBM Architects choose to work with them.

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