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Wall Panel - Dri-Design | VMZINC

  • Use

    Metal wall panel system
  • Applications

    Facades, interior walls, ceilings, decorative finishes
  • Characteristics

    Great performance, but affordable thanks to the unique patented interlocking design and automated manufacturing process.

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More about this product

VMZINC's Dri-Design Wall Panels is an advanced and very sophisticated metal wall panel system, made simple. Dri-Design's many features, which you would expect to be expensive, are made affordable thanks to the unique patented interlocking design and automated manufacturing process.

Dri-Design can be detailed as simply as installing over DuPont Commercial Grade Tyvek and plywood or designed as a sophisticated pressure equalized rain-screen with outboard insulation…your choice.


- System Depth: 1 1/2" nominal
- Material: VMZINC
- Material Thickness: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm
- Reveal: 5/8" - 1"
- Weight: Less than 3 pounds per square foot
- Panel Sizes: These are the recommended maximum size panels. If your project requirements exceed these dimensions, please contact a Dri-Design representative to discuss your specific needs.

- Surface colors: QUARTZ-ZINC / ANTHRA-ZINC / PIGMENTO Blue / PIGMENTO Brown / PIGMENTO Green / PIGMENTO Red / Natural Zinc by VMZINC


Stainless steel fasteners are recommended for use with neoprene or plastic washers.

Signs, Lighting, and Handrails:

Proper reinforcements must be installed behind the panels when attaching objects such as signs, lights, and railings. DO NOT attach anything directly to the panels.


Due to human chemical makeup, fingerprints are quite visible on zinc. Gloves and long sleeve shirts should be worn during installation. To remove fingerprints, we recommend cleaning the zinc immediately with mineral oil. Not all mineral oils are compatible with zinc, so we suggest you only use oils approved for VM ZINC®.

If a scratch appears, the zinc will heal itself over time. For extremely deep scratches, the affected panel will likely require replacement.

For more information about VMZINC's Dri Design Wall Panels contact through our contact/quote button on top, visit VMZINCs page in Materials, or visit: www.vmzinc-us.com

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