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Fenway Park Bollards | Reliance Foundry

  • Use

    Open public areas.
  • Applications

    Traffic control, pedestrian protection, architectural, landscaping, lighting, bike parking.
  • Characteristics

    quick installation, variety of materials (steel, iron, plastic) and functions (removable, flexible, lighting).

More about this product

Reliance Foundry is a North American supplier of high-quality site furnishings and traffic management products. They prioritize customer service, quality, and innovation. Their products include a range of decorative and security bollards, bike parking, and traffic management products that can suit any application and complement any aesthetic.

The challenge in this case was providing up-to-date security that did not clash with the early 20th century feel of the park. Regular steel pipe bollards would detract from the architecture and maintaining the historic-feel was imperative at professional baseball’s oldest functioning park.


A bollard is a short post that is used to create either a visual or protective perimeter. They're available in a wide variety of materials (steel, iron, plastic) and functions (removable, flexible, lighting).


The designers overcame this challenge by installing Reliance Foundry’s model R-7539 bollards over top of embedded steel pipe. The cast iron bollards feature a style that resembles that was characteristic of the time when Fenway Park was first built. The bollards feature a hollow interior which allows them to be installed over the impact-resistant pipe, effectively creating a 1912-façade.


In all, 55 steel pipe bollard and bollard covers were installed outside Fenway Park and the end result was perimeter security that was fully integrated into the site’s historic architecture.


Architect: Beta Inc.
Installers: Thomas Barriers

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