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Facade - NBK Terracotta TERRART Large | Hunter Douglas Architectural

  • Use

    Terracotta facades
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Manufactured to specification, can be used in structural facades, custom colors
  • Format

    Large-format panels

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More about this product

TERRART® LARGE from NBK by Hunter Douglas provides large-format panels. Each terracotta panel is individually manufactured based on the project specification. TERRART® LARGE is ideal for projects where large-sized or oversized elements support wind load and structural and design aesthetic need to be taken into consideration.


For corners, NBK offers miter-cut elements or cut and bond corners. Alternatively, they provide specially designed corner plates. The following chart shows typical maximum dimensions; larger sizes can be requested.

Length 6'-0" (1829mm) The length of the terracotta elements can be adjusted individually to a maximum of 6'-0"

(899 mm)

The height of the elements can be adjusted to the desired horizontal grid
Thickness 33-40mm with custom profiles up to 90mm Hollow chambers, according to production specifications.
Mass per unit area Starting at 12 lbs./ sq.ft.


NBK's expertise in complex mixing techniques and traditional firing methods enable practically any color and surface texture specification.

Surface finishes

Offering a wide range of profiles for surface design, from finest textures to strongly profiled structures, NBK's line includes:

  • Natural
  • Honed (straight surfaces only)
  • Textured
  • Wire Struck
  • Profiled
  • Engobe
  • Glazed
  • Fine Combed
  • Medium Combed

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