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German thoroughness and Danish traditions. Steffen Sten has been supplying tile tiles and tiling tiles to the Scandinavian market since 1997. With us you get the tile tile that holds. And it's about more than a lifetime. Need to renovate or build new? Then we would like to invite you to take a look at our range of tiles. Here you will find both the traditional tile shapes and colors, but also brand new products that play along with today's tight lines. Whatever story your house tells, our roof tiles can talk to. A beautiful greeting for the future. When planning your roof project, you have to look many years into the future. By choosing tile tile, you are future-proofed both in terms of durability, sustainability and quality. Our roof tiles are made of hard-burnt, slate-containing clay - the pure product, without the use of additives. Everything comes from nature and can go back to nature in many, many years. Slate rails and hard burning give the roof stones a very special surface and dense structure. With a guarantee a long life - and a lot of joy in everyday life. The roof stones retain beauty through rain, frost and other influences year after year. Solid, beautiful and easy to handle - with a 30-year guarantee. Our wholesale business is centrally located in Funen, and our sales are conducted through a network of building material dealers and timber carriers throughout the country as well as Sweden. Whether it is for large public buildings, the construction of private detached houses, major or minor renovation tasks, it is our pleasure to be able to deliver the tile roofs from German ABC Klinkergruppe and French Imerys to the Scandinavian market. We strive to ensure quality, delivery reliability,


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