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The VS1 system is the outcome of a commitment to simplicity, innovative design, and a response to sustainability in architecture. Integration of elements into a unified whole is the driver of the design approach. The work of Franz Safford carried out over 28 years prior to the invention sowed the seeds for VS1, a truly original kit of parts for building envelopes. Combining the powerful design and detailing attributes of point supported glazing strategies with the efficiency of aluminum production, VS1 delivers an extraordinary level of design at unprecedented value.

Extensive empirical testing to validate theoretical modeling was central to the success of the projects and continues today with VS1. The system represents a continuation of the theme championed by ASI: the implementation of innovative building technology. It is through the many first-of designs and working though some extraordinarily complex details that the idea crystallized leading to the spark that became VS1. It was forged in the furnace of innovation.

The question posed at the time the system was developed: “Can we capture the innovative possibilities of the custom ASI solutions with a more cost effective outcome?” The high-end solutions that ASI created had associated high costs due to their unique and custom nature as compared to standard systems. The solutions were excellent responses to the modern needs of better performing building skins but the associated high cost relegated their use only to the feature area of buildings.

VS1 has achieved an installed cost level that allows entire buildings to be wrapped with the system at comparable costs to conventional systems, including unitized walls.
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