Mareile Morawietz


Reimagining the Classic Japanese Tea Bowl for a Zen Bathroom

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To start the day in a relaxed state of mind, it is good to have a natural sense of inner calm, or, failing that, a peaceful space to retreat to where stress can be left outside. In their first collaboration, Duravit and designer Sebastian Herkner transform the bathroom into a place of true well-being – for the restorative cleansing of body, mind and soul. Here, there really is nothing to remind one of everyday life, as the Zencha bathroom series transports us away, paying homage to the traditional tea ceremonies of Japan.

Natural Wood, Gray and White: How to Update a 90's Bathroom

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Just how much things can change in 30 years can be clearly seen in the history of fashion and design. Only a few visionaries manage to outlive trends with their timeless creations, while simultaneously treading confident, new design paths. People like Dieter Sieger, for example, who revolutionised the bathroom with Duravit back in the 1980s, or Philippe Starck, who has been collaborating with the company since 1994.

Discover a New Generation of Antibacterial Toilets

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The Philippe Starck-designed SensoWash® range of shower toilets scores highly in terms of hi-tech features and its bacteria-resistant HygieneGlaze surface – but its environmental credentials are equally as impressive.

The Untouchables: GROHE

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Thanks to GROHE's technologically advanced contactless faucets, no one need to worry about getting their hands dirty while washing them.