Re-imagining the Empire State Building in 9 Different Architectural Styles

The iconic Empire State Building, the first construction to have more than 100 floors, went on to define the modern concept of the skyscraper. These images—originally published by HomeAdvisor—allow us to indulge in the brief folly of what the Empire State Building might have looked had it been conceived under a variety of easily recognizable architectural styles.

Lost America: The Reconstruction of 7 Great US Buildings

From the original Penn Station to Midway Gardens, our "lost" buildings reflect our (sometimes misguided) desire to move forward. This article, originally published on HomeAdvisor, shows how the some of the US's most recognizable streetscapes might look if history had taken a different turn.

The Simpsons’ Home As It Would Look In 8 Popular Architectural Styles

What better way to demonstrate America’s diverse architectural styles than through the country’s most infamous family — The Simpsons? HomeAdvisor has us covered by re-imagining one of TV's most recognizable family homes.

The Simpson family residence is instantly familiar to all, yet their dwelling could have been completely different if they’d embraced one of these popular housing styles.