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Incomplete Structures Take the Spotlight in Photographic Series

A lot can change in a city within one year; from demolitions, to reconstructions and project completions, a city's urban fabric is constantly being altered. During the past 4 years, Chilean architect and photographer Francisco Ibáñez Hantke of Estudio Ibanez has put together a photo-series titled Non-Structures, which focuses on London's urban regeneration and transformation and captures its various moments of ruins, planning, process, and eventually, complete architecture.

© Francisco Ibáñez Hantke © Francisco Ibáñez Hantke © Francisco Ibáñez Hantke © Francisco Ibáñez Hantke + 21

Restoration of Abandoned Church Connects Man, Nature, and God

Changtteul Church, is an old place of worship in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, that gets its name from the term "changtteul", meaning "a frame containing a window", in Korean. As its name suggests, the building's character lies in its series of windows, giving the visitors both outside and inside a unique experience of light and scenery.

Designers Hanyoung Jang and Hanjin Jang of studio minorormajor utilized the windows of Changtteul as a metaphorical motif for their design concept: the first being the 'window between man and God', and the second being ‘the window between man and nature’, immersing the abandoned religious facility with dramatic experiences.

© studio minorormajor © studio minorormajor © studio minorormajor © studio minorormajor + 20

Why Landing on Mars Has Become a Design Project

Mars has been notable for capturing humans' interest, intriguing business moguls such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to go on a "billionaire space race" and settle on the planet. But does humanity have the right to colonize another planet? If so, who does this sky-high ambition serve? 

Open More Doors: Heatherwick Studio

Open More Doors is a section by ArchDaily and the MINI Clubman that takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most innovative offices through exciting video interviews and an exclusive photo gallery featuring each studio’s workspace.

This month, we talked with London-based design firm Heatherwick Studio to talk about their multidisciplinary firm, offices, and how their "collaborative" design approach is translated from their own space to their employees and projects.

© Laurian Ghinitoiu © Laurian Ghinitoiu © Laurian Ghinitoiu © Laurian Ghinitoiu + 18

Complex Geometric Compositions as Houses on the Scenic Lands of Alanya

Planned to be built in one of the most exquisite spots of Alanya, Turkey, the Vertical Villa Project is a complex geometric composition of glass, concrete, and landscape, with a great scenery of the green mountain range and distant coastline.

The architecture team developed the project based on an analysis of the social interaction and atmosphere found in the city of Alanya. The team combined different individual units, and applied the sloped roof system found in the city's typical residential architecture. 

© Saeid Yousefvand © Saeid Yousefvand © Saeid Yousefvand © Saeid Yousefvand + 20

Winners of UED's Architecture Competition Imagine the City of the Future

© Cui Kai
© Cui Kai

The Second Hebei International Urban Planning and Design Competition – Xingdong New Area Urban Design International Master Competition organized by Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine has announced its list of winners for this year's edition, with “City of the Future” as its theme.

Award-winning architecture firms took part of the competition, reflecting on Xingtai's transformative urbanism, and interpreting its ongoing development based on social, economic, demographic, ecological, and cultural factors.

Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects © Yang Baojun © Yang Baojun © UNStudio + 13

Cats in the Right Place at the Wrong Time in Architectural Photography

© Pedro Vannucchi © Filippo Poli © Chao Zhang © Alexandre Delaunay + 19

Cats just don’t care. They don’t care if you bought them gourmet food. They don’t care if you got them customized furniture or luxury cardboard boxes, and they definitely don’t care if they are barging into an architectural photo shoot (although, we do think it’s their way of being the center of attention).

Don't believe us? Here's a collection of photographs collected from our projects database where cats are clearly not trying to steal the spotlight.

Whimsical Beach Installation Transforms Fabric to Cinema Screen

Since 2017, the Cyprus School of Architecture (CYSOA) holds a series of architectural competitions of installations and design implementations on the public beach of Geroskipou, Greece.

2018’s winning proposal by Russian firm KATARSIS Architects presented a beach cinema project titled Sky Cinema, a translucent structure that serves as both a canopy and screen.

© KATARSIS Architects © KATARSIS Architects © KATARSIS Architects © KATARSIS Architects + 10

Sustainable Parking Space for an Eco-Responsible Generation

Every year, France uses 66,600 tons of plant protection pesticides for its agriculture and produces 4.5 million tons of plastics, of which only 22% are recycled. Almost 48,000 deaths are attributed to fine particle pollution and automobile activity, and the planet is still expected to endure. In such grave situations, urban developments have become subject to new ecological criteria that focus on finding biodiverse solutions for both public and private sectors.

In compliance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 that aims to find eco-responsible urban solutions, Studio NAB created Car Parks 2.0, an ecological parking space that rethinks commercial parking areas and transforms it into a more sustainable and humane place.

© Studio NAB © Studio NAB © Studio NAB © Studio NAB + 23

Kaleidoscopic Gateways to Celebrate the Holiday Season in New York

Every holiday season, architects, designers, and urban planners set up vibrant installations in cities around the world, to serve as beacons of joy and interactive points of attraction. On the 18th of November, Hou de Sousa will install Ziggy in New York City to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with vibrant hues and playful gateways.

© Hou de Sousa © Hou de Sousa © Hou de Sousa © Hou de Sousa + 10

Open More Doors: Studio Gang

Open More Doors is a section by ArchDaily and the MINI Clubman that takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most innovative offices through exciting video interviews and an exclusive photo gallery featuring each studio’s workspace.

This month, we talked with American architecture and urban design firm Studio Gang and how their Chicago office focuses on ecological biodiversity, collaborative multidisciplinary projects, and finding potential in historic structures.

How Can Architects Combat Anxiety with Interior Spaces

People often find themselves physically and emotionally comfortable in specific public places. Whether one's reading a book on the terrace of a coffee shop, sitting on a cozy sofa at a hair salon, or waiting for the train at train station, some spaces tend to initiate a feeling identical to being in the comfort of one's home. 

The field of environmental psychology has helped find the factors that achieve "human comfort", and now, architects and designers are working alongside the field's specialists to develop comfortable spaces.

Kamyaran Project Proposes New Concept of School-to-City Facility

The Kurdish city of Kamyaran - which sits on the transit borders of Kurdistan and Iran - is a developing city that experienced a devastating earthquake a few years ago. The city is located in a district deprived of modern facilities, and the majority of the residents' income is acquired from the transit of products across the common border with Iraq and Turkey. Project developers in the area are faced with several challenges, one of which is the amount of projects needed to ameliorate the city's status.

Instead of designing two different projects on two separate sites, CAAT Studio proposed the Kamyaran City-School, a new concept which merges an elementary school and public space into one large facility that aims to improve the social and cultural life of its residents.

© CAAT Studio © CAAT Studio © CAAT Studio © CAAT Studio + 11

Iranian Project Manipulates Geometric Slabs for Privacy in Forest Villa

Situated between the Caspian Sea and Si Sangan forest, Iranian firm MADO Architects developed a private residential project dedicated to the clients' specific request of absolute privacy. The Sisangan Villa project focused on the site's layout, referral to typical vernacular architecture, and geometric manipulation to create a dynamic structure of intersecting concrete walls and glass facades.

© Mado Architects © Mado Architects © Mado Architects © Mado Architects + 13