Poundbury: Architectural shame with a worthy aim

© Andy Spain
© Andy Spain

On holiday in Dorset last month, I happened to drive past Poundbury in Dorset, UK. Poundbury is Prince Charles’s attempt to create his architectural and planning masterpiece next to Dorchester. I used the excuse of being up with my new baby at 7am to go and take some photos of it to show you here.

What can I say, it’s not great (I’ve changed that sentence so many times to try and balance the architectural lack of ambition versus the worthy aims of such a project). It’s a mish mash of styles from different centuries, all added together. It’s a toy town, a museum of a mythical past. There is no soul, no heart, a perfect example of the need for difference, for organic spaces created over time.

Ecocities: Graphic interventions for a greener future

© Andy Spain
© Andy Spain

I’m an architectural photographer based in London. For the last few years I have been working on a series of images called ecocities. I use some of the commissioned work and some of my personal work and combine this with imagery from stock libraries to produce my own version of an imagined future for London.

Brutalism in the UK

© Andy Spain
© Andy Spain

Brutalism is the term coined to describe the raw architecture often made with concrete during the 1950s and 1960s (with a later resurgence). I’m an architectural photographer and my fascination with these concrete buildings has led to me document a number of them across the UK (an on-going project).