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The site is a dense residential area which done land readjustment. This sit is surrounded with houses, so we can’t see any good sight if we made windows anywhere. However, we must secure the privacy, carry the sunlight and the wind. We hope a sunny and open house. It is seen a house frequently which has a courtyard to make a space to inside because a landlord despairs of the surrounding environment and close against the town. Is it a good row of houses and streets to be made by only firmly closed houses? We think to secure the privacy with a house open. Putting a building distantly from the neighboring houses, and we made the houses open to the town. It gives the house the sign and the light of life, and gives the town the feeling of living and warmth. Inside of the house, small windows are arranged the wall over, bring the lights like sunlight through the trees into the rooms. If it is a calm day, the windows will produce good ventilation from a different of temperature. That makes the comfortable and ecology space. View more View full description
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