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In only a few years, Italian-Argentine architect and engineer Francisco Salamone developed more than 60 buildings throughout the small towns of Buenos Aires Province as a part of the conservative government's push to develop the province's  municipal buildings. With complete creative control and swathes of urban land ready to be built on, Salamone set to work designing everything from plazas, public buildings, and slaughterhouses to perhaps his most famous works--art-deco cemeteries. What resulted was a fusion of public identity and personal monumentality.  In this series of photographs, you can see just some of the cemeteries located throughout the towns of Azul, Laprida, Saldungaray, Salliqueló, and Tres Lomas.  The expressive and symbolic character of the cemeteries, coupled with the monolithic sculptures and giant stone letters that decorate them, stand out all the more within the small towns that they call home.  View more View full description
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