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Welcoming calmness, comfort and light to the north garden in front of the railway station in central Tokyo. The site is adjacent to a railway station in Meguro ward, Tokyo. There is an elevated railway to the east and a neighboring building to the west of the site. To the north, across from the front road of the site, there is a forest, which you merely see around stations. Beyond the forest, you would see the city of Shibuya and further to Shinjuku. The two-family house has a clinic on the ground floor and two floors above for each family. We decided to plan three gardens of different characters. Entering the gate to the clinic on the ground floor, a garden of deciduous trees and stone paving welcomes the visitor. As you look up, all you would see is the clear sky as the deciduous trees cleverly hides the neighboring elements. You would feel as if you are visiting a single-story building. This garden provides a relaxing atmosphere to the visitor instead of giving a sense of intimidation. View more View full description
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