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This project is an office space transformed from an old factory, located in the first Chongqing printing factory built in the 1930s. It's like a newly built house, because light industry doesn't leave much of a mark on the house. The interior space is 25 meters long, 5 meters wide and 6 meters high.This is not a small space for a team of less than ten people, but as a planning company, they have a unique way of allocating space: except for eight workstations and a leader's office, the rest of the space is reserved for clients. Including one-on-one negotiations, round-table meetings, large screen display and presentation. In terms of space type, it is not like an office, but closer to a lecture hall or a small theater. We set ourselves a mission: to create a new mode of viewing behavior, shape it, and do nothing else. First, the space is divided in two in the direction of depth, with a mezzanine on one side and a double height on the other.Beneath the mezzanine is the office space, while the large steps, which occupy almost the entire space, give the second floor a higher publicity and form a whole with the double-height area. View more View full description
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