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Álvaro Siza's restoration project for the pedestrian routes connecting one of the courtyards of the Carmo Convent (Patio B), Largo do Carmo square, and the Carmo Terraces has been going on for over two decades. It seems that recovery plans only happen when there is a catastrophe. The restoration of the Chiado area, due to a fire in 1988, has been gradually implemented, and some buildings that were destroyed, and others that were left intact, still required renovation, like so many others outside the area. The connection of Patio B to the ruins of Carmo Church, Largo do Carmo, and the Santa Justa Elevator was also unfinished. We have to complete the routes using urban logic, rebuilding what once existed, and renovating abandoned and forgotten spaces, or sloppy rear facades, that are also part of the city. View more View full description
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