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Over the past quarter century, the Orange Jasmine tree has been silently standing there in the corner of the garden, as the guardian witnessing the changing space, first the old house and then the coffee shop of today - Danshari coffee. Danshari occupies the first 2 floors of a four-story house. All the family activities now take place only on the upper floors. The skeleton frame of the house remains almost the same, while the skin has been re-designed to serve new functions. Inspired by modern architecture - the triumph of vernacular architecture in Vietnam in the 20th century as well as V60 coffee dripper - logo of the coffee shop, the bespoken concrete breeze blocks, as the accent of the new skin, strategically absorb the context into the building through their hollows. Whether they’re the lively living activities of the neighborhood on the ground floor or they’re direct sunlight and natural ventilation, into the common corridor, on the upper floors. The breeze blocks also recall atmosphere of the old Saigon to minimal coffee space. View more View full description
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