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Jiuzi Park is named after nine kinds of alley games, including pulling bells, jumping tendons, rolling wheels, billiards, knotting, hopscotch, circling, thumping, top core and so on. It is located at No. 1018 North Chengdu Road, near the south bank of Suzhou River in Huangpu District. It is surrounded by creative industrial parks and dense residential areas with its relatively outdated internal facilities. In the promotion of the public space of Suzhou River, Jiuzi Park, as the junction of Huangpu District and Jing'an District, is a rare spot for public space in dense urban areas, and has become an important node in the linear landscape of Suzhou River. It starts with the idea of open city park for Jiuzi Park has a close relationship with the surrounding areas as well as the riverfront space on the north side has a large hinterland and thus the possibility of extension. We open the defense wall of the park, integrate it with the riverside public space, and form an interwoven space with the green terrain so as to improve the accessibility of the park and make park life a daily activity for citizens. View more View full description
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