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In order to promote a country house, the São Pedro house was designed in the Caminhos de Pedras tourist itinerary in the interior of Bento Gonçalves, RS. On the property there was already an original house from Italian colonization, dating from the beginning of the 20th century and which currently houses the Casa Vanni restaurant. In this context, the proposal was to create a house that accommodated the place in a discreet and clearly contemporary way, merging with the four-story Italian wooden house that faces the road and stands out for the typical historic vernacular aesthetics of the region. Casa São Pedro is implanted in a level below the road, giving privacy to the residents in a place widely visited by tourists. The terrace serves as a leisure area, and also delimits the residents' private space in relation to tourists. It protects the house from rain and allows the entry of the winter sun to occur intensely. The low sill has a long fixed bench that furnishes the space. View more View full description
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