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ArchitectureForChange is a series of workshops and seminars that aim to foster knowledge exchange and to track innovations in the field of “Architecture”. The 21st century witnesses a shift in architecture and urban practice with architects, urbanists, planners, artists and others from different disciplines getting more and more involved in community development projects, urban development and conflict resolution; Mostly, Architecture is responding to today’s human condition. This year we are back with Nudging limitations We address “Limitation” beyond the traditional semiology of both limits and restrains. We use the word in its wider sense that in addition to its negative connotations of restrictiveness, its challenging nature that induces creativity to crack open the darkened status quo and sheds light on possibilities: It is about how limitations become submissive to the “will to/for change. We focus on spatial processes, ongoing and unfinished hands-on practices in order to understand, learn and develop. View more View full description
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