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"What if I am You" is an architectural graphic novel created by architect Vika Pranaityte since 2015 and published in 2020. The action of the book takes place in a mystic utopian city with no past. City the machine - where everybody become the same, live the same, work the same. But even after rewriting the memory, innate perception somewhere exists. Every utopia is doomed to be a dystopia. 224 pages of deep blue surreal melancholic spaces. Outer and inner. Physical and spiritual. All drawings are made with architects tool "Archicad". Visual book contains sound version (QR code). Soundcapes are created by Kaunas 3022. Printed: Balto printPages: 224Location: Lithuania Preliude Chapter 1. The roof Chapter 2. Backstory: City the machine Chapter 3. Simulacrum: Rituals and cycles Chapter 4. Melancholia View more View full description
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