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The story in the space can be compared to the relationship between body and mind. No matter how the visual completeness of the space is excellent, if the story is too simple or poor, if it is very similar with something, the users are not interested in it or feel empty. Even if all the restaurants in district are disguised as original, eventually, the scene, people just line up only one famous one, means its identity makes others as imitators. The true original story makes emotions and various interpretations. The space has the possibility of being complete only with the soul of the story.   Numerous brands have their own stories. The stories are passed on the public as the brand image and become the mixed symbol of positivity and negativity. Ottogi has good and healthy images, but conservative and loutish images at the same time. Thus, the brand is not relatively progressive or elegant. It would be obvious thing for the future to the company that shows and experience the new image of Ottogi, which has overcome this dilemma, to 20 ~ 30’s generation. So, the company actively accepted our proposals, and it was quickly promoted. View more View full description
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