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The site is located in the outskirts of Villeta, in the middle of a countryside urbanization, benefiting from an extraordinary view over the surrounding landscape.  In the middle of the mountain, its topography is very abrupt, especially in the upper side of the site where the view is most impressive. The design choses this area to place the building, capturing the best view and facing the challenge of the strong inclination. The construction is composed by platforms that adapt to the existing topography. The uppermost volume houses the main spaces (social areas, services and master bedroom). This way, during its most frequent use, the house feels like a comfortable one story construction. One level below, separated from the main volume, another one appears to house the guest bedrooms.  Floating above the mountain, this abstract box shows its clean and simple geometry towards the entrance, becoming the main façade of the house. By separating and stepping these volumes the house allows all the inhabitable spaces to enjoy an uninterrupted view of their surroundings. View more View full description
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