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The project, which was a detached farmhouse, is located in Jizhou District, Tianjin. The client advocates the spiritual realm of Tao Yuanming, a great Chinese poet in Jin Dynasty, and especially loves his masterpiece "Back to County Life". Before the renovation, he named it “The Hillside House”, which is taken from "I’ve loathed the madding crowd since I was a boy, while hillsides have filled me with joy" in that poem. The village where the Hillside House is located is in the south side of the famous Panshan Scenic Area, with a drive less than 20 minutes from the urban areas of Jizhou District. The village is surrounded by mountains and has beautiful scenery. The village is divided into two parts by the Jin-Ji expressway crosses from the east to the west, and the original texture of the village is thus  destroyed. The Hillside House is located in the northern area, on a hillside, with the southern wall of its courtyard less than 30 meters away from the expressway. There is a forest of tall poplar trees in the east, a small forest of bamboos in the west, and a vegetable plot in the north. The walls and the fences of the building are all white, like a white cloud floating on the hillside while looking from a distance. View more View full description
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