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Coffee culture in Bangkok has until recently involved the idea of spending time in a space which has a clear definition of what Thai people believe a café to be. Coffee No. 9 in Soi Ari, with its limited space, needed to go against this trend and looked for cues overseas where the focus was more on the drink and less about the time spent. Limitations of any kind require creativity in design. In this case, the interior space is 80% taken up with the coffee preparation area leaving only 20% for seating. Fortunately, the small coffee bar has an external space by the street, which the landlord allowed the owners to use, providing the space could be used by other customers of the restaurants in the precinct, of which Coffee No 9 belonged. The landlords also required the space to be available to pedestrians passing by, as a way of giving back to the street. View more View full description
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