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Radio is a tiny neighborhood coffeehouse. The process of making coffee is fascinating: Along with the operation of barista behind the bar, the bean grinder sounds, the aroma of coffee begins to diffuse, until the coffee beans are made into a cup of coffee with a unique flavor and placed in a delicate container presented in front of guests. In this process, the barista is more like a performer playing complicated instruments. We hope this superb performance could be fully demonstrated through our spacial design. Place the barista in the center of the space: first design a stage for the barista, and then arrange the auditorium. Natural lighting is used as much as possible for the stage lighting. The coffeehouse is located at the northeast corner of the building, thus the main light of the day comes from east and north. The bar is arranged around the barista, above which a tall installation is designed to distribute the natural light entering the room. The space for the guests is divided into two floors, spreading out in sequence around this core installation. View more View full description
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