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In recent years, the enormous impact climate change has on the human environment has been the biggest issue of all. As architects, we understand that we need to take action to contribute, even if small, to reduce the impact on the environment through our products. The impact of climate change is extremely serious, with rising temperatures and sea level year by year; This year, Vietnam suffered 13 storms, and 22 with the Philippines, these included the strongest storms in 2020 followed by many catastrophes with great devastation such as floods, landslides,…. However, most people in developing countries like Vietnam do not acknowledge the severity of climate change.  There are reasons for such situations in developing countries. According to FAO, deforestation figures in Vietnam ranked second in the world. Along with deforestation, there is El Nino which also caused storms, floods, and landslides ... As of October 2020, Vietnam had a total of 153 people died or missing due to natural disasters. View more View full description
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