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The project is located in the Creative Design Center on the eastern side of Hangzhou's main urban area. In such a venue to negotiate past and present, accumulation and rejuvenation, It brings to people umpteen pleasant surprises with its mystery and versatility, like a dream spaceship. Traversing a tunnel of time and spaceThe original antique building is simply veiled with a curtain wall made of polycarbonate panel, and is modified into a gigantic luminous box by dint of light, enchanting passers-by to step in for a closer look. The entrance is concealed behind a concrete wall. Behind the door there lies an immersive tunnel in total darkness, the only way for us to set foot into the realm of future from reality. Amid this indiscernible space, myriad light equipment with the shape of a number of DNA helix structure hang within, guiding us to travel through time and space alongside with the slogan “Discover the power of nature” on the wall. View more View full description
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