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In September 2020, the first-ever Russian Festival of Creative Industries was held in Gorky Park. The event brought together many representatives of various institutions and foundations, as well as leaders of the creative class who support and develop projects in the industry. 14 volumes - thematic lecture halls were created for the festival, as well as pavilions that include meeting areas, press booths, and an information center. Three days of events, lectures, educational programs, exhibitions, and master classes were held, which attracted a wide audience. The goal was to create a festival with memorable objects in a difficult epidemiological situation. The polyhedral pavilions have a high ceiling plane and a colorful interior for lectures, and their composition transforms the waterfront. The sloping facades allowed the events to be partially open to the public and provided several means of egress to comply with the Russian building and sanitary code. Each lecture hall has a total capacity of 60 visitors, taking into account the need for social distance. View more View full description
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