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This is a renovation project of the complex building's entrance. The existing entrance hall consists of 2 stories atrium, but the glass partition divides the atrium inside and outside, and the atrium spaces become halfway size. Then the glass partition is setback to the edge of the atrium to have an open space along the street.  And there is the screen along the Meiji street to protect the space from the heavy traffic and strong southern sunlight. It is thought that the screen should compose the landscape with old temples, that is dotted along the street, and it should be seen esthetically not only from outside but also from inside. The screen consists of cypress lumber and M6 stainless rods. A cypress lumber is often used in old temple and has deodorant effect for the car exhaust. Vertically, two lines of rods penetrate the lumbers and the horizontal rods connect each columns. The composition gives it no hierarchal appearance, without front and back, and enough strength to resist wind pressure and transmits adequate sunlight to the space. View more View full description
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