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The site is located in Xidian Memory Innovation Park,Beijing. The main entrance and facade are not facing the main road, and are shrouded in the shadow of the former two-story bridge. Yet according to relevant regulations of the innovation park, the façade facing the main road cannot be changed. As a result of which, how to maximize the exhibitionability and iconicity of the space becomes a challenge for this project. The designer imagined the facade of the project as an “outsider” who did not belong here, and intervened in the form of “plug-in”: inserting a metal box with a strong contrast with the original masonry wall in the original site, and inhabiting under the outdoor bridge in the attitude of an outsider. The main facade material of the project is a brushed stainless steel plate and translucent sunlight plate. The two collage materials are the same gray color tone yet have different textures, the cold stainless steel VS the ambiguous sunlight plate, creating a harmonious and rich texture. The façade facing the main road retains the original architectural design to the maximum extent, only changing the window frame and local wall surface to the dark gray metal material, At the same time, the main facade elements located on the side are extended to the street as an extension of the overall facade design. View more View full description
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