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The establishment of the Formafatal studio in 2015 was accompanied by the design and implementation of the interior of the Argentinian restaurant Gran Fierro I in Voršilská Street in the centre of Prague. Five years have passed, and the owner of the restaurant Juan Cruz Pacin was forced to move his successful business to a new address, in Myslíkova Street, near a unique functionalist building - the Mánes Gallery. The architects from the Formafatal studio again worked up the concept and in the historic building belonging to the UNESCO monument zone, where the pub was operated for years, followed the original concept of Gran Fierro and added new approaches. “The effort to use in maximum the original equipment and furniture somehow set the direction, used materials and colours of interior. We have incorporated new elements into the design, again referring to raw construction materials, which, however, get a completely new function. Exposed steel HEB beams serve as base for benches, iron bars optically divide the space or serve as shelf for a generous wine shop, designed from across the entire wall. Welded wire meshes serve as trellises for green plants and garden fencing. View more View full description
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