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The gradual accumulation of various complementary technologies has unshackled employees from previously restrictive office and desk-based work. In the modern world, they have the freedom to work wherever they want, be it at home, on the train, in a café, in the park or anywhere else. These often cacophonous working locations, however, provide little privacy, and often result in the pioneering professionals fighting a losing battle against concentration. Faced with the problems this evolution from traditional office environments creates, few companies have been as quick to develop solutions as Finnish brand Evavaara Design. After making his first chairs from his bedroom in his early teens, designer and founder Antti Evävaara trained as a furniture restorer. But after setting up a successful restoration business, Evävaara realised his creative mind was focused on the future, not the past, and started designing a range of more sculptural furniture. View more View full description
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