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More than the buildings we visit, or the cities in which we see them, the core of Open House is, and always have been, its volunteers. Since the Open House concept was brought to life in London in 1992, Open House volunteers have been at the centre of the annual festivals which today take place on every corner of the globe.  At this year’s Open House Worldwide Festival, the first collaborative public event by the 43 cities in the Open House network, conversations between volunteers from all over the world will be broadcast as part of the 48-hour extravaganza. The volunteer participants were paired up for “blind date” conversations and found they had very much in common, despite their different countries and contexts.  “I had the feeling that everyone felt connected very fast with their match just by knowing that they are somehow connected through Open House,” explains Ariuna Bembejew, a volunteer with Open House Vienna and the coordinator of the OHWW conversations. “I only heard fifty interviews out of thousands of volunteers around the world, and it doesn't apply to everyone, but Open House has an amazing impact and the volunteers feel proud to contribute to that.” View more View full description
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