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In the rugged countryside of southern Sicily, Villa Belluccelli is perched atop a high hill. The villa is designed as a white orthogonal shape, seemingly in contrast with the rolling green hills with olive groves and organic agriculture. By opening and closing in different directions the villa plays with the spectators' gaze, framing the landscape, emphasizing it’s beauty even more. Villa Belluccelli is designed as a traditional Sicilian country house translated into contemporary architecture. By taking into account the tough climate, the trajectory of the sun, and the prevailing wind direction and combining it with the beauty of the landscape and earthquake-proof building, we were able to design a villa with a very transparent and open character, highly unusual in the Sicilian landscape. As a studio, we focus emphatically on the human scale: from the design of the landscape to the articulation of the building, from the spaciousness of the interior to the smallest detail of the material. View more View full description
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