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The human scale can best be described as the relationship between a body and its surroundings and a body is nothing if not the undeniable connection between our sensorial experience within the material world and how we perceive it within our own minds.   Keeping this in mind ultimately leads to the question--how can we understand and perceive the human scale within constructed spaces? “The timeless task of architecture is to create embodied and lived existential metaphors that concretize and structure our being in the world,” says Juhani Pallasmaa in The Eyes of the Skin. There is a reciprocal and constant relationship between the spaces we inhabit and the bodies that occupy them. From the monumental dome of the Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi to the narrow, zigzagging landscape of Varanassi, there is a continuous connection between our physical, sensorial experience and every space that we inhabit.  View more View full description
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