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The second Freshly Store has already opened its doors in the heart of Madrid; a 100m2 space at 46 Fuencarral. After the success of the first space in Barcelona, the Freshly Cosmetics team has once again joined forces with the Valencian studio CuldeSacTM for this new challenge. A space that is the evolution of the previous one. Freshly's iconic curve reflects the brand's personality: it makes things easier, speeds up routes, takes risks, and breaks new paths. A brave and cornerless brand. In addition to these attributes, there is also the DNA of Identy Beauty, the new make-up line with which the company has broken into the market. An in-store journey in parallel through the duality within the same brand. The more conventional face of Freshly in front of the spontaneity of Identy. CuldeSac's work has focused on translating the firm's website into space. If Freshly was born as an e-commerce site, Freshly Stores must show that same nature. A space that has online content and adds a social dimension by encouraging contact between brand and client. View more View full description
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